Marketing & Guest Communication
with Mobile Phone Wallet Cards & Digital Systems

Why communication with guests is so time sensitive.

I remember my stay at a beautiful resort in Miami.
After two days I found out that there was a hotel beach club with pool parties, music and special dinners.

The concierge said, oh, you did not see it on our social media?

That day I started thinking about how to communicate with guests.
No printouts to distribute, no hidden social media info.
That day I started Townberries.
Guenther Edelsbacher, Founder of Townberries

Today most of our clients are Hotels & Resorts, Travel Destinations, Cruise Lines, Restaurant & Bars, Shopping & Beauty, Activities ..

Quick Overview

Digital Wallet Cards for your guest's mobile phones & tablets
Your offers & infos are always handy on guest's phones.
No app to install, no password to set up.

Incremental Revenue

New offers are pushed to the wallet cards and create more traffic for your venues.

Fast & secure Offer Redemption

Offers can be redeemed by your venues.

What are Digital Wallet Cards

A Wallet Card is stored on guests phones without installing an app.
All your offers & infos are always and anywhere available.

How does your card get on your guests phones?

Your guests get a link to add your card to their mobile phone wallet.
No app to install!

What's on your
Digital Wallet Card?

Your offers & tips for experiences and venues.
The card updates automatically with
new offers and notifies your guests.

How can guests redeem your offers?

Guest selects an offer, shows it at the venue and redeems it. Unique codes let you track redemption.

Let's talk about Incremental Revenue

Certain days and times are slower than others.
Specific offers and tips can create incremental revenue.
Distributed through our Wallet Cards
you instantly reach guests and animate them to spend more.
You can redeem & track offers if you want to.

Add-ons for your Digital Wallet Card System

Virtual Club Level
Make VIP guest's visit really special with offers just for them.

Review & Reputation Management
Manually monitored, it earns you that extra star.

Easy way to grow your mailing list.

Birthday Club
We deliver your birthday wishes & offers to new and existing guests.

Destination & Location Experiences
We test your locations and transfer our own experiences into recommendations.

Directions & Maps
GPS locations of your venues & POI.


Destination & Location Scouting by our ThinkGypsy Team

Wonder how to collect all information for your wallet card?
Our Scouting Team knows what to look for and can take care of this!

The new generation of travelers is looking for unique experiences.
Wanderlust wants bragging rights.

First, we come & explore what you have to offer.
We test your locations and transfer our own experiences into recommendations.

Then, we tell your story the way your guests want to hear it.
In adventure e-books, videos, blogs, PR & social media push, ...

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